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Students whom we have helped rave about us:

Dreams do come true! My dream had always been to attend Harvard University. Thanks to Ivy Success, I recently not only found a thick envelope in my mailbox from Harvard, but also found thick envelopes from Yale, Stanford, UPenn and many other prestigious universities. My family and friends, along with faculty and peers, call my acceptances into all of the best universities in the world a miracle, especially in light of the fact that my peers were rejected from most of the colleges (even "safeties") to which they applied. I tell them that it wasn't a miracle, it was Ivy Success. Thank you Ivy Success for making my dream come true! ---------- Jonathan, New York

Nowadays, there are a lot more resources available to students to learn about the admissions process at top colleges. However, these sources do not come from former Ivy League admissions officers, like those at IvySuccess, who keep up to date with the most current information and trends from Ivy League and other top schools. IvySucess offers insights that most sources do not reveal. I was introduced to realities of college admissions that were not presented even in books written by former admissions officers. The special strategies and knowledge that IvySuccess offered to me are undoubtedly what got me into Brown and Columbia. ---- Brown Student

IvySuccess helped me create a great profile, making me stand out. IvySuccess, you're the best! - Stanford Student

My high school counselor told me I should lower my expectations and look at more safeties. Instead of telling me why I wasn't competitive enough, IvySuccess showed me exactly what I needed to do to get into Harvard - Harvard Student

During the past three years, IvySuccess has paved my way to academic success and has helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses. I was granted admission to every school to which I applied. I truly believe that presentation and packaging make a difference. I highly recommend IvySuccess! - Cornell Student

Jonathan, Harvard
Kim, Stanford
Ben, UPenn
Elizabeth, Wharton
Jane, Princeton
Meaghan, Princeton
Amy, Dartmouth
Leslie, Stanford
Cara, Brown
Nishant, Columbia
Glen, Princeton
Kate, UPenn
Michael, Harvard
Paul, Brown
Andrew, Princeton
Becky, Yale
Sehera, Cornell
Justen, UPenn
Melissa, Brown
Paige, Yale
Ryan, Dartmouth
Jay, Cornell
Ananya, Wharton
May, Yale
Dylan, Dartmouth
David, Harvard
Sonali, Columbia
Justin, Harvard
Diana, Yale
Jennifer, UPenn.
Jessica, Columbia
Shelly, Cornell
Al, Yale
James, Stanford
Raj, Harvard
Kevin, MIT
Ann, Princeton
Jane, Princeton
Ankush, Dartmouth
John, Cornell
Sam, Wharton
Peter, Yale
Lynn, Stanford
Jon, Harvard
Ji, Cornell
Justin, Wharton
Nina, Stanford
Youngjo, Cornell